Mini blood collection tube

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Vacuum blood test tube     



1.New design of tube cap: reduce the pressure between tube cap and rubber stopper. 2.The puncture rate of our tubes is about 80,000 times and the puncture rate of other brand’s tube is no more than 30,000 times

3.The method of coating additive: Atomized spray coating, that can increase the contact area between blood and anticoagulation.

4.The concentration of anticoagulation is much more exact than others.

5.Our product is marked its standard of pollution of particulate on registration certificate.

6.The test depends on the quality of separation gel. The separation gel we used has very good stability.

7.Our product has been used in BEACKMAN line and Roche biochemical analyzer for many hospital. Both of them are working well effective.

8.The clot activator we used gets clotting since one minute, it has almost no influence by temperature. 

9. We uses the technique of thrombin same as Sekisui. It can be stored for two years under the normal temperature.

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